Film, TV and Radio

As much as the Outlaws love Sherwood Forest, they do enjoy meeting new people and keeping the Legend alive through TV, Radio and Film. This is where you can find out what the Outlaws have been up to!

Crags Radio Interview

May 2021

Our very own Robin and Marian were  guests on Crags Radio's Mega Mammoth Show. Talking about all things Sherwood and Outlaw, we wanted to say a big thank you to the shows lovely hosts!

Crags Radio.jpg

Notts TV Appearance

May 2021

Our very own Robin and Marian featured on the Ay Up Notts show on May 27th 2021. Check out the show below!


Sherwood Life Feature

October 2020

One of our first magazine features, Sherwood life ran a two page spread on the Sherwood Outlaws. This was a great way to let people know that Robin Hood was back in the greenwood, and to talk about what drives the Outlaws and their love of Nottinghamshire.


Radio Nottingham Interview 

June 2021

Lady Marian joined Mark Dennison on his breakfast show to talk about The Sherwood Outlaws and the events we are attending this year!