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The Outlaws are coming

Organising an event? Looking for authentic and exciting medieval entertainment? The Sherwood Outlaws are the performance group for you.


Do you travel to events?

YES! The Outlaws love being in the Forest but we also yearn for adventure so if your event is not local to the East Midlands, we can bring the Legend to you.


Are your events bespoke?

Completely. We have a range of performances, activities and characters that can be used for your event. We are always happy to work with clients so you get the most from booking the Outlaws.

Sheriff and Co.jpg

Are you a re-enactor group?

No we are not. We are a Medieval performance group and although we have historically correct costuming, artefacts and elements to our performances, we are an entertainment team.
We use historical facts mixed with the magic of the Legend to breath life into Robin Hood.


Are you available for film and TV work?

Of course! Some of our performers are experienced in Film and TV, and have show reels, headshots and other additional supporting aspects. Alongside those performers, the group is available for media bookings and all have experience in live performance.


Which side will you choose?

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